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IDENTIFIED NEED: There are so many role players that need to link up and a huge number of activities that must take place for just one case of Human Trafficking to be successfully dealt with; no one person, organisation or department exists, that can offer absolutely everything needed. We need to work together if we are to have any tangible impact against Human Trafficking in our country.

PORTFOLIO DESCRIPTION: We work hard to keep up communication with our Network Partners and others working in the field. We feel it is vital to: be connected in to the bigger picture; share important information; be kept updated about what is happening in the field; be connected to others doing the same or similar work; share challenges faced, possible solutions and best practices learned.

We also aim to promote and support our Network Partners (role players across the country who make up the Network) in any way that we are practically able to.


IDENTIFIED NEED: Two common misconceptions prevail in South Africa 1) Human Trafficking = Sex Trafficking only and 2) Human Trafficking isn’t really a problem in our country.

PORTFOLIO DESCRIPTION: We use many available channels to increase public awareness and understanding of the issue in South Africa. These channels include:

  • Promoting our Network Partners’ events and campaigns
  • Social media
  • Visual and printed mediums
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Keynote talks


IDENTIFIED NEED: After reading Kris Hollington’s “Unthinkable” one of our team members really felt that every young girl and parent should know about ‘lover-boy recruitment’ or ‘romeo pimping’ as outlined in Chapter 32 of the book.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: After obtaining permission from the author to turn the chapter into a short film, an incredible team formed to drive this project and product the short film “Unthinkable” which premiered with a panel discussion during Human Trafficking Week in October 2016. The film is uploaded to the National Freedom Network YouTube channel.


IDENTIFIED NEED: Academic research on Human Trafficking is being conducted in South Africa, but should not remain purely academic.  Research findings need to be accessible to everyone involved in counter-human trafficking work.  In addition, data collected by counter-trafficking organisations should be used to understand and thereby combat the problem more effectively.

PORTFOLIO DESCRIPTION: The NFN works actively to collect academic research on Human Trafficking and make it available to the Network Partners.  In addition, where possible, the NFN makes information and connections available to researchers to ensure a comprehensive data set for analysis.


IDENTIFIED NEED: Network Partners need access to each other’s resources and exposure to other local and international material in order to stay up to date and relevant in their work.

PORTFOLIO DESCRIPTION: The NFN has created a Counter-Human Trafficking Resources Website to make resources available to its Network Partners and those interested in learning more. Academic research, press releases, and video clips are specific to South Africa. The recommended books and movies, and online learning platforms, also include international material.


IDENTIFIED NEED: Whilst the NFN is happy to work with people from all faith backgrounds, it has Christian foundations. As such, the Network Team believes that prayer is an essential part of the work.

PORTFOLIO DESCRIPTION: The NFN relies on the prayer support of individuals and churches in the execution of their daily tasks and the work that we and the Network Partners do around the world. We are grateful for the team of prayer warriors who pray weekly.


IDENTIFIED NEED: The urgency of the Trafficking problem needs to be brought to the attention of key South African role players. These role players can determine how Trafficking cases are addressed as well as the recourses that are designated to fighting this crime.
TIP is also a global problem requiring international solutions. Work needs to be done to build the world’s first International Resource and Coordination Centre to combat Human Trafficking.
PORTFOLIO DESCRIPTION: Contributing to the NPA’s quarterly reports and drawing the attention of key government role players to the issue.
The NFN is also part of Together Let’s Stop Traffick, an International Working Group and Collaborative Summit to combat Human Trafficking. It was initiated and is hosted by the International Police Training Institute (IPTI). You can learn more about the initiative on their website.