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Network Needs

WE NEED ASSISTANCE: If you are a Network partner and you have a practical need that you would like to promote on this page – this can include anything from volunteer services to specific skills and training needs to practical goods – let us know via our Contact Us page: who you are, where you are and what is needed.

I WOULD LIKE TO ASSIST: If you are an individual, group, company or organisation who is able to fill one of the below needs for our Network partners, or who has some skill, service or goods to offer then please also Contact Us or the relevant partner below.

Hope For Women SA (Gauteng)

  • Hope For Women SA works with survivors and vulnerable women to teach them skills and offer them hope of a better life free from exploitation. Their needs include:
  • Regular graphic design assistance (voluntary)
  • A speaker (for awareness talks – voluntary)
  • Project Manager (voluntary)
  • 4 x Industrial Sewing Machines at R5000 each
  • 6 x Domestic Sewing Machines at R3000 each
  • 1 x Domestic Embroidery Machine at R8000
  • 5 x Ironing Boards
  • 5 x Irons
  • 5 x Storage Cupboards at R3000 each
  • 8 x Cutting Tables at R400 each
  • 15 x Plastic Chairs
  • 5 x Desktop Computers at R4000 each
  • Please contact Tabitha at


Epic Foundation (Gauteng)

  • The EPIC Foundation supports survivors of human trafficking in Gauteng by supplying Comfort Packs.
  • One of the easiest ways to start getting involved is by collecting toiletries and other goods needed for these Comfort Packs: body lotion, deodorant, sanitary towels, travel sized shampoo, bars of soap, small tissue packs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, plasters, lip balm, face cloths, small bottled water, hair combs or brushes, Lip balm or small Vaseline, surgical gloves, women’s underwear (sizes Small to XXL) and children’s underwear (ages 2 – 13 years) and men’s underwear (all sizes)
  • The Step Up Project will have a focus on skills development and needs include: 10 small training room tables or someone to help install shelving along the walls of the training centre (these will be used to set up the computers)
  • The EPIC Foundation is also in dire need of a new car. Their current vehicle is 20 years old and really starting to give problems, which also hampers their work!
  • Please contact Alta at


MeCAHT (W. Cape)

  • Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking (MeCAHT) use media to raise awareness around the crime, and also have an outreach arm that works with trafficked men and women
  • Volunteers to do Bible studies and teach life skills to trafficked men
  • Food items
  • Printing of campaign materials
  • Soccer equipment (boots, soccer balls etc)
  • Housing for trafficked men who have been rescued
  • Skill acquisition programs and service providers
  • Job opportunities and small business creation
  • Opportunities for a soccer tournament for our team
  • Please contact Anne & Alex Abok at 


Shelter (North West)

  • Ladies and children’s clothing
  • Toiletries including female hygiene products
  • Toys for children – all ages
  • Books – educational/novels
  • Please contact Annalize at if you are able to assist


Women Arise Foundation (Gauteng)

  • Women Arise hold seminars for women, the proceeds of which go towards assisting women and children affected by trafficking
  • An administrator
  • A PR / Marketing person
  • An Events Coordinator
  • Contact Erasmia at


Asilweni (Gauteng)

  • Food parcels
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Office equipment and stationery
  • Banners for campaigns
  • Printed T-shirts for volunteers
  • Volunteers for awareness campaigns around the country
  • Volunteer counselors (once we have an office)
  • A vehicle for the organisation
  • Please contact Cherlyn at


Shelter (W. Cape)

  • General: Ladies toiletries, colorful bath & hand towels, clothing (esp. rain jackets, winter jackets, shoes and boots, socks, pants and ladies underwear), printing of fliers, food, cleaning and housing supplies, office supplies of all sorts, toolbox
  • Specific: 3 x vacuum cleaners, CD player and radio, DVD player, trampoline (for residents’ exercise)
  • Medical supplies: latex gloves, plasters, Disprin, medication for nausea and upset / cramping stomach, painkillers (paracetamol), Allergex, cough mixture, CitraSoda, Gavascon, Deep Heat, anti-inflammatory medication,  Hot Toddy, Propan mis pot cit simplex (for urinary alkalinity)
  • Cleaning supplies: furniture polish, double thick bleach, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, Handy Andy, toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, Doom, Vanish stain remover for all colors
  • Craft workshop needs: different types of glue, scrapbook paper, shaped hole punches, air drying clay, canvas (small and medium), stamps, colorful fabric, buttons, candle making supplies, soap making supplies, ladies white t-shirts, fabric paint, craft packs, mosaic tiles and mirrors, tile grout, fimo / polymer clay, sewing machines, brother card laser, cutting machine
  • Please contact Diane at if you are able to assist


OM Freedom Climb (Gauteng)

  • A full time team to do Traffick Wise on a regular basis
  • An Events Coordinator
  • Two vehicles
  • A projector
  • Writers to help develop material
  • Graphic designers to assist with newsletters etc.
  • Please contact them at 


Shelter (Gauteng)

  • Towels
  • Ladies panties (bikini – all sizes)
  • Long woolly socks for sleeping
  • Ladies clothing – all sizes
  • Blessing food e.g. biscuits and tinned food/non-perishable
  • Toiletries including female hygiene products
  • Toys for babies
  • Linen for cots
  • We’re also trying to upgrade our bedrooms so things like pretty pictures, mirrors, chest of drawers, wardrobes, shelving units etc.
  • Books – educational/novels
  • Please contact Annalize at if you would like to assist

Men’s Shelter (Gauteng)

  • Clothing – all sizes
  • Underwear – all sizes
  • Toiletries
  • Linen
  • Towels
  • Blessing food i.e. biscuits/rusks and tinned food/non-perishable
  • Books – educational/novels
  • Gardening equipment for the vegetable garden
  • Please contact annalize at if you are able to assist