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Ruby’s Story: Anti-Human Trafficking PSA

MoviWorld have been amazing at taking up the challenge: to use what they have, doing what they do, to help … Read on »

Free Legal Advice: TrustLaw from the Thomson Reuters Foundation

TrustLaw is a programme of the Thomson Reuters Foundation which provides pro bono legal assistance to registered NGOs and social … Read on »

Human Trafficking: A Poem

Human Trafficking They not as good as walking on the streets of prostitution. She’s far less than that Sold like … Read on »

Filling The Gap

My phone rings. It is one of the prosecutors who work on human trafficking cases, and she has a question … Read on »

Ambitious Exploits: Drawing the Line Between Exploitation and Business

Gauteng is a strange place. I’m not sure if it is something in the air or in the water, but … Read on »

Uniting Anti-Slavery Efforts in South Africa to Bring about Tangible Change

The National Freedom Network was born out of an evident need to bring together the various stakeholders in South Africa, … Read on »